Wood Floor Staining and Gap Filling

Wood floor stainingThe main goals of an effective restoration and repair of real wood floors are to improve not only their appearance but mainly their condition. Part of the repair process is filling all gaps between the boards that may occur with time and the age of the floor and also due to high traffic and extensive use. Gap filling is a popular process for many wood floor repair and maintenance projects due to its simple yet very effective nature. It can make a major difference and won’t take too much time, energy, or investments to be delivered flawlessly by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. Also, the age of the majority of the real wood floors is a major factor that determines the regularity of the gap filling services we deliver. Filling the gaps is a highly essential process that ensures the integral stability of the floor and its improved appearance.

Gap filling ensures that all floorboards stay tight and in place and that your floor is safe and secure, durable and stable enough to last for decades. One of the main advantages of the gap-filling process is the great insulation it ensures. Due to the occurrence of the gaps, the insulation of the room where the floor is installed gets significantly poorer and weakened. This pretty much leads to poorer heating of the room in the colder months and significantly higher heating bills in winter. If you want to save some money and make sure that your feet are toasty warm in wintertime, gap filling is a great solution you should consider.

Loose boards are a common issue with wooden floors that appear with time and are more serious than simply causing squeaky and annoying noise. Due to the nature of loose boards, they are a reason for your floor not to be as safe and stable but also for the occurrence of gaps. Addressing such problems and having the boards professionally nailed or glued down is very essential and a complimentary gap filling service will do wonders for the durability of the floor. Such a solution is very beneficial for both newly restored floors and aged ones.

Professional gap filling service won’t take too much time and money. The nature of the service is pretty simple and it consists of filling in the gaps between the boards with a mixture of natural resin-based products and the sawdust that is a result of a sanding service. Thanks to using the sawdust coming from sanding the floor, professionals can achieve a perfectly blended and uniform look for your floor.

However, when it comes to gaps wider than 4mm, there is a better solution than simply using the resin and sawdust mixture. Using wood slivers is a better alternative for filling in bigger and wider gaps and still ensuring amazing results and a blended and even appearance of the floor’s surface. Once all the gaps are filled in and the integral stability of the wooden floor is insured, professionals can continue with sanding and refinishing the surface and other repairs and restoration treatments if needed.

Wood Floor Staining – Transforming the Way Your Floor Looks

Wood floor staining is yet another very popular service for real wood floors. It is a great once since it can ensure really impressive and immediate results without too much effort and time spent on the project. No matter if you want to enhance the natural beauty of an already worn, tired, dull, and fading a colour floor or you are going for a complete transformation of the floor’s look and making it a better match to the interior of the room, we can undertake the wood floor staining project for you and deliver really outstanding results. Despite sounding like an easy and pretty self-explanatory service, wood floor staining still requires a professional approach and expertise for great results and a uniform look for your floor. If not properly applied, the pigments of the floor stain will create an uneven and not pleasant look and can even enhance all of the floor’s imperfections and issues on the surface such as scratches, dents, marks, stains, etc.

When it comes to wood floor staining, we like to call it the more artsy part of restoration and repair as it is a personal choice that is designed mostly towards improving the appearance of the floor and it is not essential for its condition and stability. However, if it is the decision you have made to have such a service delivered, make sure to take your time and do thorough research before you hire a professional team. We can assure you that our skills, knowledge, and experience allow us to perform a state-of-art wood floor staining service and save you all the nerves, costs, and stress that come with other similar services available in the local branch. So whenever you need professionals with enough skills, focus, and attention to detail to take proper care of the floor and guarantee the best wood floor staining service, make sure to contact us and we will gladly undertake your project and make all your ideas, inspirations, and dreams come true!

Once the wood floor sanding of the floor is complete, it is about time for the wood floor staining process to take place because the pores of the wood are open and ready for the stain and sealing products to be absorbed and evenly applied. Also, by having your wooden floor sanded first, you can get rid of all imperfections such as scratches, dents, and marks and you prevent the pigments of the wood floor stain to enhance the imperfections and issues even more.

The right approach to a wood floor staining project is always starting with testing the product on a small and hidden patch of the floor to make sure the product is properly absorbed by the type of wood. Due to the difference in their structure and density, wood species absorb products differently and the absorbing power of wood determines how many coats of stain should be applied and what sort of product is better to be used. Testing on a small part of the floor also allows a glimpse into the end result and represents how the colour of the stain will transfer onto the floor. Consider the fact that wood already has its natural colour and undertones and this may affect the way the stain looks once applied to the floor.

As a professional and experienced company, we make sure to work only with premier quality wood floor staining products available on the market from leading manufacturers and suppliers such as Bona, Osmo, and Morrells. We are satisfied only when the best results possible are achieved and we don’t compromise the quality of the services we deliver or cut corners. Also, by working with leading companies manufacturing the best quality wood floor staining products we make sure we can offer a wide variety of colours and undertones and we can achieve the results you expect, even the wildest and most creative ones.

Wood floor staining is the fastest, easiest, and normally the best way to add some colour to the room, make the floor the focal point or even the statement piece of the space, spice up the interior, and enjoy a fresh new look. Whenever you are in need of professional service and an entirely stress-free and enjoyable experience, make sure to contact our professional company.

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