About Us

We are a professional floor sanding company with many years of experience, expertise, and a great set of skills valuable for home improvement projects related to improving the visual appearance and the condition of wood floors. We specialise in services such as wood floor sanding, repair, restoration, floor maintenance and care. As a professional and trustworthy business, we have core values we follow with passion and we do not make compromises with the quality of service we deliver in every aspect of our work, from the initial call to the last finishing touches on the project. Here are our core values and what you can expect when hiring our professional team of wood floor service contractors.

High quality

We strive to provide our clients with outstanding results, no matter how big, small, or challenging their wood floor restoration project is. It is our mission to work with the most advanced technology, equipment, products and to constantly train and improve the skills and knowledge of our team so they can get the most advanced training and education available. Combined with our perfectionism and attention to detail, we always aim towards achieving the best results possible.

Strong work ethic

We value our clients the most and we put a strong emphasis on respecting their requirements, needs, desires, and ideas. Furthermore, we always treat every project and every client with honesty and reliability, this is why you never expect us to pressure you into deciding on and paying for services that are not suitable and necessary for your project.


We believe that premium quality wood floor repairs, renovation, and sanding services are not limited to people with a bigger budget. We believe that everyone should be able to afford and fit into their budget a great quality of service with a lot of attention to their wooden floors and to achieve outstanding results. This is why we make sure to keep our services available at the lowest possible price.


We strive to be as helpful to our clients as possible. We make sure to provide help throughout the entire experience you will have with us. We make sure that each member of our team is willing to help you anytime and with everything.


We know that for a wood floor repair, renovation, sanding, and maintenance service to be effective and provide the results required, passion and a friendly attitude are not the only things important. This is why we take great pride in our professionalism, skillfulness, knowledge, and expertise. After years of experience and a lot of knowledge and mastership gained throughout all those years, it is safe to say that we are the most skilful wood floor renovation and sanding masters you need!

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