Wood Floor Repairs

As a professional floor sanding company in London with many years of experience and a lot of knowledge and valuable skills gained in the industry, it is our main mission to take proper care of every corner and nook of your wooden floor. Many things can affect the way your wooden floor looks and feels. Many factors may lead to damage to its condition and appearance. The issues and imperfections resulting from such factors are not just a handful too. Maybe you are dealing with broken floorboards, warping and cupping of the floor, loose boards, problems with stability, squeaky noises, and so much more. All of these situations are not the ones you want to underestimate if you want to be able to enjoy your valuable wooden floor for years. This is why a wood floor repair is a common and very beneficial professional service you can consider.

Wood Floor Repairs are One of Our Specialties!

Wood floor repairs in LondonAs already mentioned, we are a company renowned for our fair share of the wood floor repair industry and professional services. Renovating the condition of your floor and restoring its initial beauty and durability is something we do not simply know how to handle thanks to our advanced training, we are simply dedicated and committed to achieving outstanding results. Besides our knowledge and craftsmanship, we are happy and lucky to be partners of all of the most reliable and reputable industry manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

This pretty much means that by hiring our company, you will be able to not just enjoy a high-standard, high-quality service, but also full access to amazing product and material offers. We offer and supply high-quality materials and products in smaller and bigger bulks so you can plan your floor repair and renovation project with us, from A to Z. No matter if it comes to a spot repair, or replacing bigger patches of damaged boards on your floor, you will get premier quality materials, the perfect match for a uniform look, and, of course, a very affordable price tag on all that.

Reclaimed wood is a great choice for people with a more eco-friendly attitude to life. We are also able to supply reclaimed wood products that are good for the environment, but also good for your wallet. By making this choice, you can give a second chance to reclaimed floorboards to serve and you are also able to save extra pennies.

It may sound easy to you – you just find the closest match to your existing floor possible and you replace the damaged boards. However, is not that easy. First of all, finding an exact match that will blend perfectly with the floor’s surface is almost impossible. What professionals work for is often the closest match possible. Even if experts can find the same wood species with a similar natural pattern, undertone, and colour, remember your floor has been already sanded and finished, maybe not just once, and used for at least a few years. All those are factors that determine the way it looks today. So if finding an exact match is not an option, professionals will make sure to achieve a smooth blend by adjusting the colour thanks to sanding, buffing, staining, and sealing the replaced area.

What Does Wood Floor Repair Include?

Wood floor repair is a wide term that includes a plethora of services and treatments for your wooden floor. What puts all these treatments under one umbrella is the fact that they are all dedicated to improving the overall condition of wood floors, getting rid of all imperfections, minimising the risk of possible problems and issues, prolonging the lifespan of the floor, ensuring additional protection, and improving it aesthetically.

This pretty much can include everything from replacing floorboards, gap filling, floor sanding, and fixing the loose boards down to the finishing touches like sealing, finishing, staining, and painting.

When you are looking for a professional wood floor repair company, you are not looking just for people with experience and knowledge, despite these being the main factors for a successfully finished job. You are also looking for an advanced company.

At our company, we interpret advancement through our training, through constantly keeping up with new tendencies and innovations in the industry, but also through working only with state-of-art and cutting-edge modern equipment, tools, machinery, and the highest quality possible products and materials.   

What to Expect from Us?

Floor restoration services in London

Below you will find a step-by-step guide to what a typical wood floor repair and renovation service delivered by us consists of. However, keep in mind that every project is individual and some steps may not be included due to being unnecessary.

  • We secure all the loose boards that affect the stability of the floor and your safety and comfort. If there are some floorboards beyond repair, we replace them with the closest match.
  • We fill in all the gaps between the floorboards and ensure better stability of the floor and improved insulation. To fill in the gaps, we use a mixture of natural resin and sawdust of sanding your floor. By this, we create a perfect match and the surface is uniform and even in colour and texture.
  • We sand and buff the floor. By this, we remove all the noticeable imperfections on the surface, get rid of the dull, tired, worn, and aged look, minimize the risk of possible problems and issues, and prepare the surface for the upcoming staining and finishing.
  • We stain the floor. However, this is also a service that is a matter of personal preference. But if you want to transform your floor, give it a new and more modern look, or simply enhance its natural colour, even more, wood floor staining is a great service you can choose.
  • We seal the floor and we work with a bunch of different high-quality sealing and finishing products. However, this does not mean that we limit you to only using the products we recommend. Of course, you are free to have specific requirements for a product of your choice and we will happily apply it the best we can, never cutting corners with the quality of our performance.

There is no wonder why we are a popular and renowned company in the area. We have a strong work ethic and we deliver a job that meets the highest standards in the industry we operate in. We offer a plethora of services dedicated to improving the condition and appearance of your wooden floors, no matter if it comes to a commercial or residential project, no matter how big, small, or challenging the project is.

We Meet Your Expectations

We value our clients so much and we always do our best to meet and exceed your needs and requirements. We offer a tailored service because we believe that every wood floor repair project is different and that every client should have their individual needs, requirements, and desires met. We are proud of our ability to not just deliver outstanding results, but deliver an overall positive and good experience and help clients save money and time.

Damaged Boards or Missing Pieces?

Our flooring service comes with obligation free site visit, quick quotations and free advice. Give us a call to speak to a member of our staff who can arrange for a free assessment of your floor sanding at convenient for you time.

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