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Floorboards repair and replacement in LondonDespite being designed to last for up to a whole century when maintained properly and regularly, most the wooden floors will soon or later start struggling with imperfections and issues. While most the wood floor issues are not hard to handle with professional help or even as a DIY project, accidents can happen and some situations are requiring highly professional and heavy-duty repair and restoration services.

Wood floor repairs are our speciality and as a professional flooring company, we have years of experience and a lot of knowledge and valuable skills gained throughout our career and professional journey. So whenever you are wondering what you are supposed to do when some of the floorboards or the whole floor are beyond repair or need some extra attention, make sure to contact us and we will be able to fix the problem for you in no time and provide you with premium quality service.

Spot replacement of damaged floorboards is a great way to have your floor repaired without breaking the bank. No doubt replacing the whole floor with a new one is a pretty serious investment that will be hard on your wallet.

This is why when just a few boards are too damaged and affect the overall stability and durability of the floor, replacing just them is a great solution that is effective and still significantly affordable. Lucky you, because choosing to work with us means that you not only have your floor professionally repaired and flawless condition and appearance achieved, but also access to high-quality floor products and materials at a very affordable price. We work in a close partnership with leading suppliers and manufacturers worldwide and we supply your project with premier quality products and materials.

Booking a service with us and our experienced and skilled team means that you will get the best quality of service and the right approach to your floor’s issues. We recommend you take your time and do your research before deciding on the wood floor repair and replacement company you are going to hire. What you need to look for in such a company are proper training and skills that allow the right response to every situation, even unexpected ones.

We save you all the stress and hassle and provide you with an enjoyable experience and minimal disruption. We are not just a team of professionals with the right skills, proper training, and great knowledge. We also pay a lot of attention to all aspects of the service, including great project and time management and we take care of all details so we can ensure your comfort. We strive to meet your expectations and even exceed them by answering your needs and requirements and making your ideas and desires happen.

Repair and Restoration of Pine Floorboards & Solid Oak Planks

Struggling with a damaged area of your favourite wooden floor does not automatically mean that you have to spend the rest of the time with rugs and mats strategically placed here and there to hide the problem. It also does not mean that you have to go heavy on your wallet and have the entire floor pulled out and replaced with a new one. Replacing the whole floor is not just a costly service but also one that takes a lot of time, energy, and elbow grease and often comes with hassle and disruption for a longer period.

The best solution to patches of damaged floorboards is simply repairing and replacing them. As much as this is the easier, faster, and more effortless way, it still requires enough professionalism, experience, and skills. Our expert help and assistance come in handy in such situations. Besides the fact that we can approach the problem the right way and achieve perfect results, we also can supply high-quality floor materials and products to replace the damaged ones. To achieve a blended and finished look, we work with state-of-art equipment and hi-tech machinery that matches the quality of our performance.

One of the many benefits you will be able to experience when working with us is completely free of charge professional consultation and inspection of the condition of the floor on-site. Once we determine the problem and the floorboards that must be replaced, we will explain everything to you and assure you that only the most necessary and suitable treatments and services will be delivered for your project. We value honesty and we approach every client and individual project with a tailored approach and trusty guidance and recommendations.

In case you are considering a thorough and efficient wood floor repair and replacement of the aged and damaged floorboards, make sure to leave the job in the experienced and safe hands of professionals with great expertise. Contact us today and we will gladly answer all your questions and arrange a visit.

Damaged Boards or Missing Pieces?

Our flooring service comes with obligation free site visit, quick quotations and free advice. Give us a call to speak to a member of our staff who can arrange for a free assessment of your floor sanding at convenient for you time.

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