Engineered Wood Floor Sanding & Restoration

Engineered wood floor sandingEngineered wood floors are a very popular and common choice nowadays and there is no wonder why. Engineered wood takes the best from both worlds – thanks to its lamella top layer made of hardwood it looks exactly like a solid wood floor and brings in all the natural beauty in the room, but unlike hardwood, it is not prone to water, humidity, and temperature damages.

The secret is in the specific structure of engineered wood planks borrowed from laminate – layers of softwood, plywood and other lumber materials are glued together crisscrossed and then topped with the hardwood lamella. Thanks to this unique composition, contracting and expanding the boards is not a problem anymore, something that can be very damaging for solid wood floors.

Many people assume that engineered wood is just like laminate and cannot be sanded but this is not the truth. Some lamella layers are really too thin to be sanded more than once, but the high-quality materials offered on the market normally come with a thick enough lamella layer that allows more than once sanding and refinishing treatment.

As a professional floor sanding company, we will gladly inspect your engineered wood floor and determine whether or not it can be sanded and refinished, also recommend the best way to do it and then carry on with the job, providing you with flawless results. Working with us means that you can have peace of mind your engineered wood floor is in safe hands and we will make the right and very informed decisions. Don’t expect us to suggest engineered wood floor sanding treatments when your floor is clearly not suitable for that, just to take your money. We value honesty and we always recommend only the most necessary and suitable services.

When working with engineered wood floors, our specialists make sure to always use the right machinery, tools, and the finest grit that strips off only the old finish and imperfections in it such as fine scratches, dents, and stains. By this, we save as much of the thickness of the hardwood top layer as possible and keep the strength and durability of your engineered wood floor intact.

Floor Finishes Used With Our Sanding Services

Did you know that some of the finer saw dust, collected during the sanding, will be used to fill the gaps between the boards, as well as knots and cracks? It is mixed with clear resin to produce a putty, which will be the same colour as your floor, and is a great way to get the smooth finish right.

Our flooring service comes with obligation free site visit, quick quotations and free advice. Give us a call to speak to a member of our staff who can arrange for a free assessment of your floor sanding at convenient for you time.

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