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29 Apr, '22

Does Parquet Flooring Has Any Disadvantages?

Parquet flooring is, indeed, one of the most popular flooring options around the world. Many people love it for its unique appearance, amazing durability, hard-wearing and long-lasting power. Parquet flooring has been around for centuries and it is definitely here to stay.
27 Apr, '22

Sources of Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Wood materials sourced from old buildings and constructions are unique and special. They can be incorporated into modern homes and interiors successfully for different purposes, most commonly wooden floors. Old wood materials that have been previously used come with a history and character, they have a story to tell.
26 Apr, '22

Warning Signs of a Bad Wood Flooring Contractor – What to Keep an Eye On?

Big home improvement projects often come with a lot of underlying stress. Sometimes the stress is justified by poor performance, poor quality materials, or other factors leading to bad results. However, often times the stress we experience is not justified and we simply ruin the whole experience for us, however, the results of the professional services are great.
21 Apr, '22

How to Replace Damaged Wood Flooring Boards – DIY Guide

Accidents can happen even if you are a master at protecting your favourite wooden floor and making sure nothing bad happens to it. Still, accidents will probably happen and one of the best things about real wood floors is the fact that they can be repaired and refinished without the need of lifting the entire floor or replacing it with a new one. Indeed, spot repairs are not only less stress and disruption, but they are also a lot cheaper and can ensure great final results.
20 Apr, '22

Protecting Your Wooden Floor from Water Damage

Real wood floors are a very common choice for both domestic and commercial settings. It is not only because of their natural beauty and elegance but also because of the fact that wooden floors are extra durable, hard-wearing, and long-lasting. Nowadays, real wood floors are designed and produced to be able to survive and be enjoyed for many decades, up to a whole century, and withstand so much even when installed in a very busy area of high traffic and heavy footfall.
19 Apr, '22

Top Tips for Vacuum Cleaning Your Hardwood Floor

Regular vacuum cleaning is very important for maintaining your hardwood floor in perfect condition. In fact, regular vacuum cleaning is important not only for removing all the dust and dirt and enjoying a hygienic, super clean and beautiful look at the floor. Removing all dirt and dust particles lowers the risk of them getting attached to the soles of your shoes and getting dragged across the room, which will definitely leave micro-scratches on the surface of the floor and make it look worn and older.
14 Aug, '19

5 Reasons to Love Hardwood Floors

Today we are going to discuss five popular reasons to make you fall in love with real wood flooring, but bear in mind that these five reasons are simply a fraction of the long, long list of benefits and advantages that wood flooring will and can provide you with! As if someone needs to say more about why wood flooring is such an amazing choice, but as a bit of motivation and inspiration to tickle your conscious mind and make you consider purchasing a wooden floor even more! Real wood flooring is referred to as one of the most highly preferred and beloved flooring options on the market. You see wood flooring showrooms always full of people and customers that are mesmerised by the natural beauty and elegance of the wooden material and the promise of a solid, long-lasting and hard-wearing power. However, the love for wooden flooring is not an advantage of the modern human, because wood flooring exists for many centuries already and could be hardly anytime dethroned from its top position, as market research studies show.
18 Jul, '19

How to DIY Varnish and Take Care of Your Parquet Floor

Parquet flooring is the most classic and elegant form of real wood flooring. It is the first type of hardwood floor ever installed. Its origin dates back to many centuries ago when this type of floor covering was chosen over marble floors due to its easier maintenance, functionality, and beauty.
27 Jun, '19

How to Nail Down Tongue and Groove Floorboards

Wooden floors are, indeed, one of the best features a house or commercial premise can have. They are naturally elegant, beautiful, and suitable for all sorts of interiors from classic to modern, easy-to-maintain, hygienic, durable, lasting, and more. The main reason why real wood floors are so hard-wearing and solid is not only the natural strength of wood, but also the installation method of the floorboards that keep them safe, sound, and solid construction for many years.
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