Wood Floor Sealing - Lacquers, Oils, and Hardwax-Oils

Wood floor sealing

So here is the final touch to your wood floor renovation project - the sealing or refinishing of the floor. Once the floor's surface is completely smooth and free of imperfections after floor sanding and buffing, all the gaps are filled, all the boards are fixed, everything looks nice and intact, and the colour of your choice is achieved through staining the floorboards, it is about time for preserving all that beauty and achievements by sealing the floor with the right finishing product.

Why wood floor sealing is important? Imagine the finishing product applied on top of your floor as its hard-wearing and the lasting barrier between the floor and its environment that can often be aggressive to real wood. The finish of the floor not just improves the way your floor looks, it also ensures extra protection, and preservation of the wood's colour, and texture. When it comes to penetrating types of finishes such as oil and hard wax-oil, they offer additional protection from within by being soaked by the porous structure of wood.

We always make sure to use the highest quality sealing and finishing products from leading brands worldwide, no matter what type of finish you choose for your beloved wooden floor.

The range of the products we supply encompasses a really impressive plethora of everything from water-based single- and two-component lacquers used for residential and for commercial projects, to the newest ranges of natural lacquers, eco-friendly oils, and hard wax finishes. We always make sure to use only certified products that are classified as low VOC and do not contain toxic or dangerous for your health products.

The best thing about wood floor finishes is the choice you have. With different types of finishes, you can achieve different effects and levels of protection. Some of them like lacquer are the more classic option, giving the floor a very formal look with a high-gloss finish and extremely durable and lasting protection. Others like natural oils and hardwax simply enhance the natural beauty of wood without changing its colour and texture and penetrate into the floorboards for additional protection. Depending on your requirements, the specifics of the project, and the needs of the floor, you can always opt for the right type of finish. Remember, wood floors that have been already treated with a specific type of finish in the past should be treated and applied with the same type of finish once they are sanded. Here are some of the most popular and our favourite types of wood floor finishes.

Lacquer finish

A lacquer finish is not just a sealant. It creates a strong and hard protective layer on the surface of the floor and preserves the natural colour and texture of the floor. Lacquer repels water and dirt and it is often chosen for wooden floors that experience high traffic and a great deal of everyday use because of how strong, durable, and hard-wearing it is. The lacquer finish is clear and highlights the natural beauty of the wood. The classic lacquer finish is high-gloss, which means it reflects the light and can visually make every woo mapper bigger and more spacious. However, keep in mind that lacquer finishes are not forgiving and not particularly good at camouflaging surface imperfections such as scratches or dirt, therefore they require a high level of maintenance and care.

Oil finish

A very popular choice nowadays. Oil floor finishes are mainly consisting of natural oils therefore they are an eco-friendly choice and safe for the household. However, the biggest advantage of oil finishes is how natural they look. Oil finishes do not cover or change the natural colour and texture of wood - they enhance it. Oils are a penetrative type of finish that soaks into the structure of wood and ensures protection and durability from within, not just on the surface. However, keep in mind that oil finishes require regular upkeep, which means you need re-oiling the floor more often than refinish it if it was finished with a lacquer finish, for example.

Hardwax finish

Hardwax finishes are usually a mix of the natural oils used for oil finishes and one or more types of wax. Hardwax finishes allow you the opportunity to change the natural colour of the wood and transform it into something that better fits your interior. Hardwax oil finishes are aesthetically pleasing and enhance the natural beauty of wood, they are easy to apply and dry quickly, which means you can use your floor within a few hours up to a couple of days.

Floor Finishes Used With Our Sanding Services

Did you know that some of the finer saw dust, collected during the sanding, will be used to fill the gaps between the boards, as well as knots and cracks? It is mixed with clear resin to produce a putty, which will be the same colour as your floor, and is a great way to get the smooth finish right.

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